Hi Guys, I'm usually on the Coach forum, but ventured over here since I just came back from vacationing in Maui and bought my very first LV!!. I was going to just get a monogram MM Neverfull, but the SA told me that they also have the Damier that's exclusive to Hawaii, Japan and Guam only, so I ended up buying 1 of each!! I'm feeling buyer's remorse right now, considering I could buy like 4 Coach purses with that dollar amount!! I'm just wondering how you guys afford these purses, since they can get to be several thousands for just one purse!! I'm thinking since this is my first bag, I should keep the monogram bag and return the Damier bag...Or keep the Damier bag, and exchanging the mono for the Bagtignolles Horizontal so I'll have 2 different styles? How long are the straps for the BH? I have thicker arms, and want to make sure it fits nicely over a winter jacket. The Neverfull seems like it could be kinda difficult in the winter to put over a coat. LV Bags

Louis Vuitton Damier Wooo!! Congrats!! beautiful haul

wow, what color is that??that's a vernis i would buy! but i don't think i've seen it in my boutique.. LV Bags

,i have a tivoli gm also and while i do, on occasion, have minor zipper issues nothing like that's happened to my bag. no waves or anything. Louis Vuitton Store,Keep the damier neverful (it's a highly coveted bag and looks way better in the neverful than mono) and return the mono neverful. You can buy a very nice condition pre-owned monogram bag on ebay or Let-trade to save money. You should NEVER compromise your finances to buy a bag or overextend yourself. If you have buyers remorse listen to that feeling and return the bag. I also think it's good to get one bag at a time to truly enjoy and appreciate that one bag. Welcome to the LV side! Louis Vuitton Speedy,

Nice one :)LIIIIIIIVE LV Bags

,My alma vernis amarante MM..I can hold it from day to night!! Louis Vuitton Damier,

Louis Vuitton Handbags wahoo!